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Hightlights of Turkey Trip

A trip to Turkey gives you the chance to visit some of the most beautiful attractions in the world. In Turkey, you will always be in close proximity to many attractions, pristine beaches, resorts, cities and landmarks. In Turkey, you will never be bored since there are many activities that you can carry out including hiking, sightseeing, shopping, surfing amongst others. Turkey has many cultural sites like The Blue Mosque, Hagia Ayasofia and many museums.

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Things to do In Prague

When I first visited Prague, I had no idea that the trip would turn out to be so memorable and special. Prague left an impact on my life that no other city ever did. The capital of Czech Republic is city full of wonder, liveliness and fun. When my sister and I planned to visit Prague, we never in our wildest dream imagined to get such a good deal on the tickets. While we were browsing the internet, we stumbled across the amazing deal that made this trip even better than it would have been.  Continue reading Things to do In Prague

Bruges aka The Venice of the North, Belgium

Bruges (Brugge) is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe. Often referred to as the “Venice of the North“, it is criss-crossed by canals, the main ring of which encloses the historic centre. It is a wonderful city with cobbled streets and lovely gabled houses that cast their reflections onto the water.

In the eleventh century Bruges was a major commercial centre for the wood industry, and by the late thirteenth century was the main link to Mediterranean trade. It soon became a major financial centre too, and in 1309 the Bourse opened, making the city more sophisticated money market in the entire region. By the sixteenth century, however, Bruges had split from the Netherlands and the port of Antwerp had taken over much of its trade, leaving Bruges to decline into a provincial backwater.   Continue reading Bruges aka The Venice of the North, Belgium