Pinnawala: A place with a Story

One can’t deny the fact that the name Pinnawala sounds like an exotic location. It does live up to its hype and billing. Let’s inspect the place a little further and uncover its treasures.

The mystical ancient village is situated in Sri Lanka; it is located in the North Western part of the country. To be more specific, Pinnawala is part of the Kegalle District. The district is around 90 kilometers away from the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo.

 Why are we talking about Pinnawala?

What sets the place apart from the rest of the world is the inhabitance of numerous tamed elephants in the region. Skillful mahouts have successfully tamed hundreds of elephants and most tourists make a visit to Pinnawala to bear witness to such marvel.   The place helps safeguard the endangered species from poaching and extinction. The department of Wildlife Conservation is to be credited for this selfless initiation.

Pinnawala: A place with a Story

One of the many sights to behold in this region is the opportunity to watch herds of elephants taking bath together. The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is truly the main highlight of this place; it was initially set up in 1975 to take care of the abandoned and wounded elephants. In 2011, the elephant count in the orphanage was known to be 88, wherein 37 of them were identified as males and the rest were females. People are also given the opportunity to feed the elephants. The earliest time for them to be able to do so is at 9 in the morning. Tourists can also buy elephant dung recycled souvenirs.

What about the accommodation arrangements?

Since, the place is a tourist hub, there shouldn’t be much problem finding the perfect hotel for one’s budget. There are renowned hotels available in abundance. One doesn’t need to go out of his way to find food here. Local and international delicacies are available everywhere.


What are the activities one can participate in? 

There are various activities available in Pinnawala that are bound to keep one occupied. Tourists have the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with the locals in the sport of fishing, canoeing, surfing and jet skiing. Anyone who visits the land is automatically given the permission to go on an Elephant back riding.

Pinnawala: A place with a Story

What else can one do in Pinnawala?

Well, if adventure is not one’s cup of tea, there are other various ways to spend precious time as well. A visit to the Pinnawala Open Air Market will give one an opportunity to know the lifestyle of the locals. The village is also home to several Hindu architectures. There are eye catching architectural structures and Gold arch buildings to marvel at. The night life is also pretty happening. One can let his hair loose at the discos, clubs and casinos found in the region.


 It is not a difficult task to obtain a Sri Lanka Visa. Sri Lankan embassies can provide the visas easily if one submits all the necessary documents. It is certainly time for you to make your own story with the place. This one will truly be a trip you will cherish for eternity.

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