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Pinnawala: A place with a Story

One can’t deny the fact that the name Pinnawala sounds like an exotic location. It does live up to its hype and billing. Let’s inspect the place a little further and uncover its treasures.

The mystical ancient village is situated in Sri Lanka; it is located in the North Western part of the country. To be more specific, Pinnawala is part of the Kegalle District. The district is around 90 kilometers away from the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo.

 Why are we talking about Pinnawala?

What sets the place apart from the rest of the world is the inhabitance of numerous tamed elephants in the region. Skillful mahouts have successfully tamed hundreds of elephants and most tourists make a visit to Pinnawala to bear witness to such marvel.   Continue reading Pinnawala: A place with a Story