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Fès aka Fez el Bali, Morocco

Fès is the “symbolic heart” of Morocco – its intellectual, historical and spiritual capital. As you wander through its labyrinthine  shady streets, exotic smells of mint and spices waft through the air, dappled light falls on the whitewashed, crumbing grandeur of the old city and you can feel the tangible mystery and intrigue of this, the oldest of the four imperial cities.

Unlike many walled cities, Old Fès hasn’t burst its banks, and its gates and walls remain intact. The population expanded out of the city, flowing towards the south-west and arching towards the hillsides that stretch north and south of the new city. The towering Medesa Bou Inania, a theological college built in 1350, dominates the old city in the Fez  River‘s fertile basin. Continue reading Fès aka Fez el Bali, Morocco